Proper aftercare is crucial to the well-being of your new tattoo. Please follow these directions explicitly.


  • Remove bandage after 3 hours, up to overnight or as directed by your artist. Immediately wash gently with hot water and mild, liquid soap.

  • Pat dry gently with a clean towel and apply a very thin layer of moisturizer, or ointment discussed with your artist.

  • Wash and moisturize twice daily for two weeks, also moisturizing as needed through the day. For the first two weeks, always wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and liquid soap prior to moisturizing or handling your tattoo.

  • Approximately 3-5 days into the healing process, your tattoo will peel. It will shed the top layer of colored skin like a bad sunburn peeling. This is totally normal; do not pick at your tattoo or rub, scrub or otherwise try to help it. Picking can result in prolonged healing, pigment loss, and infection.

  • Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight for a minimum of 1 month. After a month, use 30+ sunscreen any time you are in the sun.

  • No soaking in water (swimming, baths, sauna, hot tub, etc), especially chlorinated water, for 2 to 3 weeks or until tattoo is totally healed.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email us at the studio.